Financial Literacy and Feeding Program in partnership with Project Red Ribbon – Duyan Foundation

Philippine Financial Industry Pride – Community Engagement Activity aims to connect with the community focusing specifically on the needs of the LGBT+ community to provide support in their everyday challenges and educate families preparing them for a better future. Our event partnership with the Project Red Ribbon enabled us to partner with more than 40 PLHIV kids from Luzon. Coming from different background and ages, the kids were engaged in meaningful and fun programs, which includes the following:  facilitation of a rewards and recognition program and some fun activities to brighten up and bring smiles to each and every child.

On a more serious tone, our program also focused on the parents of the PLHIV children. We offered financial literacy training where we imparted smart and simple ways to save up, manage daily expenses and other related topics we got from the parents to help them ease up financial burdens they undergo on a daily basis.

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